Power Tool Safety

Follow all the safety instructions provided for your power tools.
Do not override safety guards; they are there for your protection.
Keep a clear head, concentrate, and DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL before using any power tool!
Never look away from your work.
Never use your hands to clear the scraps from the working end of a power tool, instead, use a long stick.
Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery around the wrists.
Keep your finger off the trigger when carrying a portable power tool.
Do not use tools to perform a task for which it was not designed.
If the power tool stalls, switch off the power and unplug the tool before trying to restart it.

When using power saws:

Use the correct blade for the application. Set it for the correct depth, to minimize the amount of exposed blade and reduce the potential for binding.
Use sharp blades. Dull blades cause binding, stalling and possible kickback.
When starting, let the saw reach full speed before cutting and support the work firmly so it will not shift.
When working with metal, secure the metal materials with clamps or in a machinist’s vise to keep it from moving.
Check for proper blade guard operation before each cut.
When starting or stopping the saw, make sure the work is not touching the blade.
Lower a table saw blade below the table top when finished.
Power saws can cause very serious damage that may result in permanent loss of motion, feeling, and strength, or even in amputation. Prevention is far better than trying to try to deal with the aftermath of an injury.

If you are injured seek prompt medical attention. Delay in treatment can lead to a higher risk of infection or tissue loss. The damage done to a finger, hand or any site often exceeds what may be initially apparent due to the force of these types of injuries.

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