Dr Eddy Dona


In Australia, there are three groups of specialist surgeons that perform hand surgery. These are Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and General Surgeons.

Plastic surgeons are generally considered to be the most skilled and experienced in performing hand surgery, as they have a certain level of precision and understanding of the demands and aftercare of hand surgery that is a result of their extensive training. Australian trained Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons spend an enormous amount of their training focused on and dealing with hand surgery – both elective and emergency, including complex reconstructive microsurgery.

Sydney Hand Surgery Clinic’s founder and surgical director is Dr Eddy Dona, a specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr Dona owns his private plastic clinic in Bella Vista and is a consultant plastic surgeon at Westmead & Auburn Hospitals, where he spends much of his time attending to major hand trauma and reconstructive microsurgery. Dr Dona firmly believes that only through the experience and skills of “restoring” a person’s normal form is a surgeon able to comprehend what it is to be a true cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Dr Dona has been practising as a plastic surgeon since 2007. After graduating with a degree in medicine in 1996, Dr Dona pursued a surgical career, which required him to continue a further eleven years of intense training.

Dr. Dona has become known throughout Australia for his comprehensive training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He regularly performs a diverse range of procedures, specializing in breast augmentation and lifts, tummy tucks, and full mummy makeovers.

Dr Eddy is passionate about sharing his wisdom with the next generation of plastic and reconstructive surgeons and is actively involved in the teaching of trainee plastic surgeons. Although Eddy has been asked by many why he would train doctors that could become his ‘competition.’ To this, the answer is simple; It is vital to pass on your hard-earned wisdom and knowledge to the future generation.

Dr Dona’s contribution and commitment to the development of Hand & Reconstructive Surgery is unquestionable with a proven clinical and academic record. He has given over fifty presentations at international, national and local conferences, where he has won numerous awards for his work.

Amongst his extensive accolades, he has been awarded over the years, amongst them, the prestigious prize for Best Scientific Paper presented at the British Society for Surgery of the Hand meeting in London (2003). He also has the honour of being recognised by the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) in 2005 for his contribution to the development of hand surgery.

Dr Dona frequently attends Plastic Surgical conferences to keep in touch with internationally recognised leaders in the field, ensuring he stays abreast of the latest techniques.

Hand Therapists

The best possible surgery will only reap high-quality results if it is followed by specialist hand therapy (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy). In fact, patients will usually spend far more time with the Hand Therapists than they do with the specialist doctors. Therefore, due to the wide geographical distribution of our patients, we use a network of specialist hand therapists to suit all of our clients’ needs.

This has been designed to ensure our patients do not have to travel too far from home for their often-frequent visits. Constant communication between our specialist doctors and hand therapists ensures the patients’ total care is individualised and streamlined, further ensuring the patient has a rapid return to work and function.

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